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All you need to know

All you need to know before going to India

India is one of the largest Indian powers and is in the process of becoming one of the greatest powers in the world. This is noted by its accelerated development and strong growth in recent years. However, India is not just that. It is also a great country where you can find many people and culture. It is a true continent where one can find any type of inhabitant. That’s why it would be a fabulous country to discover, but for that you will need to have some information about it.

The demography of India
India is simply the second most populous country in the world behind China. It is even called to overcome these next because the demography is galloping. In fact, there are more than 19 million births a year. Thus, it is expected that in 2025, it will be the country where there will be more people on the planet.

The geography of India
India is the largest country in South Asia because of its size. It is 3,287,263 km long – and occupies most of the Asian sub-continent. This country is bordered to the west by Pakistan, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the north, Bangladesh and Burma to the east. To the southwest, this country is bordered by the Maldives Islands, Indonesia to the Southeast and Sri Lanka to the South. Each of these countries has a particular influence on the surrounding regions.

The climate in India
India is a huge territory. As a result, temperatures vary from region to region. However, the climate is generally described as tropical. There are four seasons. There is the winter which lasts only one month and which goes from January to February. From March to May, it’s summer. From June to September, it is the rainy season. From October to December, it’s autumn. During the coldest periods, the thermometer displays between 8 ° and 28 °. During the warmer periods, it displays between 26 ° and 42 °.

Languages ​​and religions in India
In India, 18 official languages ​​are recognized. However, two languages ​​are the most used at the administration level. This is English taught at school and Hindi which is mostly used in the north of the country. Thus, in southern India, the most spoken languages ​​are Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, Mayalam and Kannada. In addition, there are 4000 dialects that are not recognized.

As for religion, there are many in this country. We can notice the presence of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Christianity.

Hinduism is the main religion in this country. More than 80% of the population practices it. There are 16% Muslims, 2% Christians, 2% Sikhs and 1.9% Buddhists. Each of these religions has its place in this great country.