Stay in Delhi – Rajasthan and Gujarat

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24 Days/23 Nights
Min Age : 0+
Tour Details

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world thanks to its geography, but also its extraordinary culture. It is the land of Maharajas, colors and beautiful landscapes. Thus, among the most beautiful regions to visit, there is Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Departure & Return Location

Indira Gandhi International Airport (Google Map)

What to Expect

This trip to Rajasthan and Gujarat promises to be an exceptional moment for you. Everything will be at your disposal for you to live one of the best moments of your life. In addition, you can enjoy the best tour. It will include:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Site Seeings
  • Luxury Hotels

Day 1Arrive Delhi

The first day is the arrival in Delhi. You are greeted with great pomp. Flower necklaces will be offered to welcome you. After that, you will drive to your hotel. After a few hours of rest, it will follow a tour of the city with a French-speaking guide. It will be a real moment of discovery. You will see the Great Mosque, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk Bazaar, Qutb Minar and Hummayun Tomb. Finally, you will enjoy a night in Delhi.

Day 2The fabulous discovery of Taj Mahal

It is one of the biggest symbols of India. This magnificent building is located in Agra where you will spend all day. This magnificent mausoleum made of white marble is a gift from the great Mongol emperor to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Then you will discover the Mausoleum of Mirza Ghiyas Beg. Finally, it will follow a beautiful night in Agra.

Day 3Agra-FatehpurSikri-Jaipur, an incredible journey (250km)

After a hearty breakfast in Agra, you will depart for Jaipur. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit FatehpurSkiri. This is a beautiful site that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then you will go to Jaipur. This city is characterized by the abundance of its colors and all the positive energy coming out of it. Jaipur is also very dynamic, bubbling with people and full of life.

Day 4The visit of the magical city of Jaipur

After breakfast, day spent visiting Jaipur. Take a look at the famous facade of the Palace of the Winds, then, in the immediate vicinity of Jaipur, visit the Amber Fort which you access on elephant back. The courtyards, pavilions and the palace of Mirrors recall the glory and prosperity of Rajput rulers. . The old city, in the form of a square, is encircled by a thick wall pierced with nine doors. , visit of the palace, current residence of the royal family and visit of the observatory “JantarMantar, built in 1728 by the astronomer prince Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II, the Palace of Maharaja (City Palace) in pink sandstone and white marble. It has been transformed into a museum by the last Maharaja and contains a fine collection of weapons and costumes. Night at the hotel.

Day 5From Jaipur to Churu, a change of scenery (200Km, 5h)

Churu is a quiet city where there is little life. However, it is also an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful wild landscapes in the Shekhawati region. You can also find a local market with many interesting products. You will enjoy a beautiful night, quiet and peaceful.

Day 6Churu-Bikaner, a surprising place (205km / 5-6h)

After leaving Churu, you will take the direction of Bikaner. This place is particularly characterized by the presence of Junagarh fort which dates from the sixteenth century. It is one of the best preserved of Rajasthan. A small visit will be proposed to you to discover all its secrets.

Day 7 Bikaner-Jodhpur (250km / 6h)

Jodhpur is nicknamed the blue city. It is overlooked by the Meherangarh fort which is surrounded by impregnable ramparts. It will follow a visit of alleys of this city to discover the famous hidden treasures of Sadar Bazar. After that, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep at the hotel.

Day 8The long ride Jodhpur-Ranakpur-Kumbalgarh-Udaipur (270km)

After breakfast in Jodhpur, you will visit Ranakpur. This city is known to house the most prestigious jainist temples in all of India. You will see that of Adinath. However, you must also know that you can only enter it with loose clothes. It will thus be necessary to cover oneself. You will also see the temple of Chaumukha, Neminath and Parashnath. On the way to Kumbalgarh, you will discover the fort of Méwar. Finally, direction to Udaipur.

Day 9Udaipur, the visit of a prestigious city

Udaipur is best known thanks to City Palace. It is simply the largest complex in Rajasthan. It overlooks several period buildings that juxtapose Lake Pichola. You can take a boat ride and enjoy a traditional dance show in Bagaur-ki-Haveli before spending a nice night at the hotel.

Day 10Ahmedabad and its famous museum (300km / 6-7h)

Ahmedabad is a place where you can find many attractions. Indeed, you can discover the city, the famous Calico Museum, the Great Mosque, and the Jain Temples of Hattesingh. After that, you will spend one night at the hotel.

Day 11Discovering Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is one of the most beautiful cities in this region. That’s why it’s worth seeing. So you can visit and spend a beautiful night.


Palitana is 52 km from Bhavnagar. For the Jainists, it is the highest place of pilgrimage. There are 863 temples respectively. These are strewn up the hills above and the plain of Saurasthra. Thus, the visit of the temples stops at 17:30. After that, you will therefore join the hotel in Bhavnagar for a good night’s sleep.

Day 13A trip to Diu (200km / 4H)

Diu is an island in the Gulf of Kutch. Its beauty is phenomenal and you can breathe clean air. After a long trip, you will enjoy an afternoon in front of this beautiful stretch of water.

Day 14Diu Island, the remains of the past

Diu Island is home to the city of the same name. It was a Portuguese trading post and was known for its imposing fort, but also its churches. Indeed, there are three. However, only one of them still welcomes worshipers. The second has been transformed into a museum and the third into a hospital. In any case, you will see in this city, the vestiges of a surprising past of this region. After the visit, you will spend the night there.

Day 15From Diu to Gir via Somnath (140KM / 3h)

When you leave Diu, you will go to Gir. However, before that, you will pass by the temple of Somnath. This place is exceptional in the sense that it is one of the 12 most sacred temples in all of India dedicated to Shiva. It would contain some of his secrets that are well buried. After that, you will take the road to Gir where you will spend a beautiful evening.


Sassant Gir is the place where we find a rare species: the lion of Asia. It is also a very mountainous region where you can discover other species such as hyenas, leopards, crocodiles, antelopes and monkeys.


After a beautiful night in Susan Gir, you will take the road early in the morning to Gondal. By the way, you will visit Junagadh. It is an ancestral city that is surprisingly well preserved. This site was an old fortified city. The ramparts found there attest. You can also discover its narrow streets, mosques with incredible architecture and Buddhist caves. After this incredible visit, you will go to Gondal. It is a green city and was once the capital of the state of Saurasthra. Here you will find 17th century palaces of incomparable beauty, temples, but also the famous princely stud. You will enjoy spending the night in this beautiful city.

Day 18From Gondal to Wankaner to discover a wonderful palace (100km / 2h)

Wankaner is best known for harboring Ranjit Vilas’s palace. It is on a hill directly overlooking the city. It was designed by Amarsingh Ji and it took him 7 long years. So the result could only be staggering. In addition, one can also discover a magnificent collection of objects that date back several years. There are swords, daggers, spears or portraits.

Day 19From Wankaner to Bhuj, en route to the desert (200km / 4h)

After breakfast drive to Bhuj, Discovery of this fortified village in the depths of the desert, built around an ancient citadel housing the Aina Mahal, the palace of mirrors built in 1752 by a Maharadjah who spent 18 years in Holland, and learned the techniques of ceramics, glassmaking, watchmaking, etc.
The palace contains a fine collection of fans, palanquins, textiles, Venetian glasses, Chinese porcelain, etc. Then visit the prag Mahal, then Sharad Bag palace where lived the last Maharajah. Finally, visit the Kutch Museum where there is a fine collection of silverware and local crafts and then the royal cenotaphs and the bazaar.
Bhuj suffered from the terrible earthquake of 2001. Although many of the buildings were damaged, Bhuj remains a very interesting and extremely welcoming destination. Night at the hotel

Day 20The wonders of Bhuj

After discovering its magnificent palaces, it’s time to visit this incredible city. You will take the opportunity to admire the incredible talent of the artisans of this region. Indeed, the villages of Barmis and Ahir are probably the most important craft sites in the world. You will find embroidery pieces, but also several objects made with leather that is their specialty. After such an adventure, you can rest and spend the night in your hotel in Bhuj.

Day 21En route to Dasada, the salt city (300KM / 6H)

Dasada is a city where many people live in this region. It owes its popularity to the salinas that are there and making it a great place to exchange this coveted product. After this discovery, you will spend the night there.


Desada is one of the last places where one can observe the wild asses of Asia. You will also find a magnificent landscape populated by rare birds and flamingos which always captivate by their beauty. After that, you will spend your second night in this city.


On this trip, you will first pass by Patan. It is the place where the finest silk saris are made in the world. Indeed, one finds there the most remarkable craftsmen and the experienced ones who are in the matter. These handle the threads for many generations. This is what makes the fabric they make is very popular, but also very expensive. Then you will visit the ancient city which astonishes by its wooden houses, but also by its lake. This set creates a beautiful landscape. It will follow the discovery of Jain temples that can be found anywhere in this region. You will be able to admire the most beautiful, the parasvanath panshara. It is surprising by its architecture and the colors it sports. Finally, you will only have to discover the magnificent temple of the sun of Modhera. This incredible structure was built in 1026 to pay homage to the deity of the sun Surya. It also houses a very deep water reservoir that is a real source of freshness on these hostile and arid lands.
After discovering all these extraordinary places, you will take the road to Ahmedabad where you will spend another night.

Day 24From Ahmedabad to France, the return trip

After discovering all these beauties of this region of India, it will be time to return. Indeed, after several days of adventure, you will fly from Ahmedabad to France, your head full of memories.

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