Gujarat- The homeland of Mahatma Gandhi

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14 Days
Min Age : 0+
Tour Details

Because a discovery holiday in India is full of surprises, the Gujarat Circuit invites you to explore the land of origin of guide Mahatma Gandhi. Find everyday a seem of activities for an unforgettable stay.

Departure & Return Location

John F.K. International Airport (Google Map)

What to Expect



  • Beautiful temple of the Sun Modhera
  • The Rani-ki-Vav, Gujarat
  • Colorful Kuch tribes
  • Northern Bhuj villages Barmis


The first day of visit will be a transfer to the airport and a departure to Ahmedabad. Once there, a tour of the city is organized, including the Gandhi Ashram.

Day 2Discover the sarees and the heritage of Gandhi

Departure for Dasada, 270 km. On the way, visit the beautiful temple of the Sun Modhera, built by King Bhimdev I, one of the finest examples of architecture in the region. Built in 1026 and dedicated to the God of the Sun Surya, it faces a very deep reservoir, once a source of invaluable freshness in these arid lands. It looks like the famous golden temple of Konark, in Orissa.
You will then visit Patan, former capital of Gujarat, renowned for its saris considered the finest and most beautiful of the country. Each sari requires almost 6 months of work and can be sold over 2000 euros! You will visit one of the most famous factories and will be able to witness the extreme delicacy of these artists of the silk.
Then visit the ancient city of Patan, very picturesque, with its narrow streets lined with wooden houses and its charming lake. Visit the Jain temples and the most beautiful, the parasvanath panchasara and one of the oldest and most beautiful Baoli (well), the Rani-ki-Vav, Gujarat. Continue to Dasada. Night at the hotel.

Day 3Safari and excursions

Departure to discover the colorful tribes of Kuch, a unique experience in an area deemed inhospitable, especially with its saline.

Day 4The wonders of Bhuj

Early morning departure for Bhuj. Discovery of this fortified village deep in the desert, built around an ancient citadel housing the Aina Mahal, the palace of mirrors built in 1752 by a Maharadjah who spent 18 years in Holland, and having learned the techniques of ceramics , glassmaking, watchmaking, etc.
The palace contains a fine collection of fans, palanquins, textiles, Venetian glasses, Chinese porcelain, etc. Then visit the prag Mahal, then Sharad Bag palace where lived the last Maharajah.
Finally, visit the Kutch Museum where there is a fine collection of silverware and local crafts and then the royal cenotaphs and the bazaar.
Bhuj suffered from the terrible earthquake of 2001. Although many of the buildings were damaged, Bhuj remains a very interesting and extremely welcoming destination. Night at the hotel.

Day 5Visits to northern villages

A day of excusions in the northern villages are an opportunity to discover huts made of earth, embroidery collections and leathers made by women at the local level.


A visit to the southern villages is an opportunity to discover women, real actresses of the local economy and pottery manufacturers. Discover above all a local life marked by nomadism.

Day 7Visit in the center of Gujarat: Gondal

Departure for Gondal to discover 17th century palaces, including the Navlakha, an imposing palace of more than 30 meters and its many beautiful temples.


Discover the fascinating city of Junagadh with its many sightseeing tours at the foot of the mountain, and its many narrow streets.

Day 9Safari day at the lions refuge

Departure for the mountainous region of Sasan Gir to discover lions, hygienists and leopards.

Day 10Visit of the small island of golf

Departure for Diu, small island in the Gulf of Kutch. On the way, you will visit the temple of Somnath, one of the most famous reported in the oldest texts. It is one of the 12 most sacred places in India dedicated to Lord Shiva. It would contain the relics of the creator and destructive God.
Arrival in Diu for a quiet afternoon facing the sea. Overnight at the hotel.


Until 1961, the city was a former Portuguese trading post and owes its fame to its imposing fort. The city of Diu is built on the island of the same name, in the north, it is composed by salt marshes and marshes, but in the south by rocky coves and sandy beaches.
Visit the fortress, the church of Saint Paul, the only one that still continues the practice of worship. then visit the church of St. Thomas in which was installed the small museum of the city. The third church has been transformed into a hospital.
Departure at the end of the day for Bhavnagar. Night at the hotel

Day 12Marathon day in Palitana

Departure, early morning, for palitana to 52 km, the most important place of pilgrimage jaina. Up, on foot or in a sedan chair, 3,500 steps to reach all 863 Jain temples at the top of the hills overlooking the plain of Saurasthra. This place is called “Shatrunjaya”, “place of victory” in French.
The visit of the temples stops at 5:30 pm and nobody should stay on the spot, not even the priests. The construction of these temples, divided into nine enclosures, lasted more than 900 years on this sacred mountain, dedicated to the Gods. The most beautiful sanctuary is surrounded by a magnificent frieze composed of dragons, another is frequented assiduously by barren women who ask the gods to give them the possibility to give birth.
From the top a superb view of the region and clear weather on the Gulf of Cambay.
Return to Bhavnagar. Night at the hotel.

Day 13The inevitable Bombay

It is the economic capital of the country that will welcome you for a visit to the discovery of colonial architecture. You will spend the night in a hotel of choice.

Day 14End of the trip and departure for the airport

End of the trip and departure for the airport